2014 NHL Draft: Buffalo Sabres picks

A quick rundown of all of the Buffalo Sabres selections in the 2014 NHL Draft - which is today!

The NHL Draft is today (I know!) at 7pm, so before we dive headfirst into Draft-A-Palooza 2014, let's take a quick second to remind ourselves exactly where and when the Buffalo Sabres will be making their picks.


You'd better get to your televisions on time this evening, because the Sabres will be picking #2 overall, sometime around 7:10pm. And once they've drafted their future stud player with that pick, don't assume that's all she wrote - Tim Murray has been telling everyone who will listen that he wants to get back into the first round at some point.

In order to that, the Sabres have three juicy second round prospects to play with, as well as many favorable contracts for young players that could be used in a trade. And if he gets desperate, there's always three first round picks in 2015, though I'd be shocked if Murray reached in to that coffer just to get back into round one.

The draft is tonight, people. TONIGHT.