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Sabres Links: Third jersey reactions, Grigorenko ineligible for Traverse City

Finally we have some hockey news to talk about! Too bad most of it wasn't exactly good news, as many could say yesterday was filled with letdowns.

This was a thing.
This was a thing.
Buffalo Sabres

Sabres Links

  • Don't buy one of the jerseys. You'll just encourage them [The Goose's Roost]
  • New jersey gets scolded by critics [Buffalo News]
  • It's hard to overreact to just how much of a cluster**** the third jersey is, but 3MI tries anyway [3rd Man In]
  • Sabres miss the mark with third [Two In The Box]
  • Mikhail Grigorenko deemed ineligible for Traverse City Tournament [WGR 550]
  • Rasmus Ristolainen is the first to be featured in the Sabres' Blueprint Series [Sabres TV]
  • will have full Traverse City coverage, including live audio []

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