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Sabres Links: Jeanneret done in 2016 and Dunleavy to replace him, Gilmour trades son, Walkom head of officials

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The Sabres aren't the only team with a big name RFA still unsigned. Ottawa and Jared Cowen may not reach a deal anytime soon.

Bruce Bennett

Sabres Links

  • The succession plan is in place. Jeanneret to call games for three more years, then be replaced by Dan Dunleavy []
  • Is Darcy Regier a genius when it comes to trades? [SabreNoise]

Around The League

  • Senators and Jared Cowen very far apart in talks [Ottawa Sun]
  • Sharks will keep Brett Burns on offense [Edmonton Sun]
  • Stephen Walkom named director of officiating [TSN]
  • Could the All-Star game be heading to Phoenix? [SB Nation]
  • Former Sabre Doug Gilmour traded his own son yesterday [CBS Sports]