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Sabres Links: Traverse City storylines, Grigorenko's year two, Burke slams anti-gay laws

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The Sabres won the last Traverse City tournament and have quite the interesting roster again this year. Do you think they can do it again?

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Sabres Links

  • Storylines surround Sabres as they head to Traverse City [Sabres Prospects]
  • Can Mikhail Grigorenko bounce back this season? [SabreNoise]

Around The League

  • Roberto Luongo to report to Canucks camp [CBS Sports]
  • Brian Burke slams Russian anti-gay laws, says international events should not be held there [Globe and Mail]
  • Teemu Selanne will meet with Ducks to discuss future [Los Angeles Times]
  • Douglas Murray, the newest Hab, takes Canadiens history seriously [Pro Hockey Talk]