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Sabres Links: Pominville not invited to US camp, trying to make the most of Sabres lack of moves

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Should Jason Pominville have made the US camp for the Olympics, and as the off-season goes along are you feeling more annoyed with the lack of Sabres moves?


Sabres Links

  • Finding the happiness in Darcy Regier doing nothing [Buffalo Wins]
  • Are there any forwards still available the Sabres should look at? [Buffalo Wins]

Around The League

  • Did Jason Pominville deserve to make the team USA camp? Also, reading the comments may make you smile a bit as a Sabres fan. [Star Tribune]
  • Kings sign Trevor Lewis to a new one-year deal [TSN]
  • David Perron was simply misunderstood in St. Louis [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]