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Sabres Third Jersey 'Sneak Glimpse' Video Confirms Gold Color, Same Logo

The Sabres "revealed" their third jersey tonight in a shot video that only provided small glimpses at the final product. Still, it was enough to take away a few ideas of what the jersey might look like.

The Buffalo Sabres said all week that fans would get a "sneak glimpse" at their new third jersey tonight at the Blue & Gold Scrimmage.

Sneak glimpse was the perfect way to describe it, as the video they showed cut to tiny portions of the jersey, showing fans what the neck, collar, font, and crest will look like, but it did not reveal the final look. More glimpses of the jersey will be shown over the next few weeks, but for now, all we have is the video below.

The glimpses seem to confirm the expected - that gold will be the primary color - and that the team will continue to use seemingly the same crest they have on their current road and home sweaters. It also showed off a very unique collar, with a triangular, lace-free front, and stitching on the inside matching some of the team's locker room vocabulary regarding excellence, etc. A new Buffalo Sabres font and some white piping capped off the reveals for this particular video.

Now that you've gotten a glimpse. what do you think, Sabres fans? Are you sold on the design, do you hate it already, or do you need to see more?