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Sabres To Announce New Third Jersey On Friday

After retiring their 40th anniversary blue and gold jersey, the Sabres are set to announce a new alternate sweater at Development Camp this Friday.

BTW, this happened.
BTW, this happened.
Rick Stewart

The Buffalo Sabres let the owner's daughter, Kelly Pegula, take over their Twitter feed for an hour or so yesterday for a Q and A session, and most of what came out was slightly fun but ultimately inconsequential nonsense like "What's your favorite concession stand?" (Soft serve ice cream) and "What's the capital of Arkansas?" (spoiler: it's Little Rock).

However, one very significant bit of information managed to squeeze through the cracks:

Yes, it appears the Sabres will be revealing a new alternate at the team's Friday development camp scrimmage, featuring a bunch of guys who will hopefully be wearing it in a few years.

The last one they had was for the team's 40th anniversary of being an NHL franchise, and despite looking pretty awesome, was only worn for a short time before being retired because, well, the team has now been around a bit longer than that.

So we're wondering what you'd like to see in a new third jersey? Personally, I'm hoping for another royal blue and bright gold combo, but let us know in the comments if you ant to see red and black make a comeback, or (god forbid) you're hoping for another slug jersey.

Either way, we'll find out in a few days.

UPDATE: Check out this Tweet from the usually-reliable Icethetics