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Sabres Links: Rolston reactions, Price leaves with injury

The Sabres announced yesterday that they'd be bringing back Ron Rolston behind the bench, and people have already voices their various on the topic. What do you think?


Sabres Links

  • Why keeping Ron Rolston was the right move [SabreNoise]
  • More takes on Rolston [Buffalo Wins, Two In The Box]
  • The Goose RooseCast [The Goose's Roost]
  • Checking in with Sabres free agent goalie Andrey Makarov as his team waits to find out who they'll be playing in the Memorial Cup [THN]

Around The League

  • Kris Letang, P.K. Subban, and Ryan Suter named Norris finalists [TSN]
  • Carey Price leaves with injury []
  • Jonas Hiller calls out team [Orange County]
  • Seth Jones ready for life as number one pick [Denver Post]