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Watch: John Scott Dance His Way Through Chad Ruhwedel's Interview

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At least one person was very happy about the Sabres victory over Tampa Bay last night.

Rick Stewart

John Scott was brought on to the Sabres this yer to add a number of things - size, toughness, the ability to fight Milan Lucic among them. I guess his killer dance moves and fashion sense just come as a bonus, then.

Check out the video below of Scott dancing through Chad Ruhwedel's post-game interview wearing the Sabres victory fur coat...and not much else. Ruhwedel is totally oblivious, and kudos to Brian Duff, ever the professional, who somehow manages to hold his reaction down to a smirk.

Here's Scott, proving he'll do whatever it takes for a spot on an NHL roster, even if that spot is "dance-off champion".