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Sabres Links: Myers Struggles An Issue, Amerks Beat Baby Pens, Changes Coming?

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Hello everyone, I'm Jack Goods and I'm excited to kick off my time with Die By The Blade! Here are today's Sabres and NHL links from around the interwebs.

Rick Stewart

Ed Note: I'm very happy to welcome Jack Goods, who will be taking over the Daily Links posts at DBTB for the foreseeable future. After spending the past three years scouring the internet for hockey news, it's time to pass the torch to someone new. Welcome, Jack!
- Andy

Sabres Links

Around the NHL

  • Flyers Bring Back Mike Knuble, Put Andrej Meszaros on the shelf. []
  • Scott Gomez to debut for Sharks tonight. []
  • Did Nail Yakupov's goal celebration go too far? [TSN]