2013 NHL Playoffs - Playoff Bracket Rd 2

With Round One of the NHL Playoffs complete, it's time to make your bracket picks for the semi final round of the playoffs now.

EDIT: The leaderboard is updated, and it's Frank Reich Revolution leading the pack with 7 of 8 picks from the first round, with only the Caps letting him down!

The rules are simple for the bracket. It's easy enough to play.. just look at the second round matchups in the NHL Playoffs Bracket Rd 2 and pick the winners for the series marked #9 through to #12. We'll keep updating the chart as the series go on, and will invite you to go ahead and make your picks in the ensuing series as well all the way to the Stanley Cup Final, where along with your pick for the winner we'll also be asking you to make picks for the series score and series game-winning-goal scorer as the tiebreaker.

#9 - Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators
#10 - Boston Bruins vs New York Rangers
#11 - Chicago Blackhawks vs Detroit Red Wings
#12 - Los Angeles Kings vs San Jose Sharks

So join us in the playoffs bracket, and show us how well you know your hockey.. make your picks today in the comments in this form: 9 - Penguins, 10 - Bruins, through to 12.

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