2013 NHL Draft Open Thread

Here's your open thread for NHL Draft Day. Let us know what you think of all ten Sabres picks through the seven rounds that will be conducted today.

After a long spring wait that stretched in to summer, the 2013 NHL Draft is finally here! It's a very exciting day for the Buffalo Sabres, as they enter the day with ten picks over the seven round draft, and four in the top 52. Many experts are saying that this is the deepest draft in 10 years, since the 2003 draft that featured a whopping 13 future all-stars taken in the top 20 picks, and saw the Sabres draft Thomas Vanek.

Speaking of the former #5 pick, long time Sabres Vanek and Ryan Miller will both see their contracts expire at the end of next season, and are officially on the trade market, giving the Sabres even more flexibility to wheel and deal. However, keep in mind that the offseason is long, and today's not the only day that the two veterans could be moved.

This year's draft will be a fast and furious one, as teams have only three minutes to make their picks, even in the first round. All seven rounds will be conducted today, so I hope you've got a comfy couch out there. On your TV, NBCSN will be streaming the TSN draft coverage starting at 3pm.

This thread will remain open and pinned to the top of the front page for all seven rounds and through the night, and it's your one-stop shop to discuss anything and everything happening with the draft. We'll have posts on each of the Sabres ten draft picks, and depending on how late things go, a recap post either late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Happy draft watching, and let's go Buffalo!