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Buffalo Sabres Trade Rumors: Will The Kiprusoff News Open Up A Market For Miller

The 2013 NHL trade deadline has been slow. Like frozen molasses slow. So, the biggest news with two and half hours left until the deadline may have been the news that Miikka Kiprusoff will plan to stay in Calgary. That opens up the goaltender market a little with Toronto being the heaviest players on Kiprusoff thus far.

That means that one less goaltender on the market gives the Sabres a small window for a team that is looking for a goaltender. There have been a few teams that have been interested in Ben Bishop and some calls on Roberto Luongo. Ryan Miller is an goaltender that can tip a team that currently has shaky goaltending. He has a limited no-trade clause that gives him eight teams that he won’t accept a trade to.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been a team in the news that could make a play for Miller. The likelihood of that though is slim mainly because the Lightning will be in the Sabres’ division next year. If Miller is not going to move now, that likelihood may increase in the offseason as Miller’s contract would expire at the end of the year.

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