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Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Ontario, This Means War

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The invasion of Canada (or "America Jr.") begins today.
The invasion of Canada (or "America Jr.") begins today.

Here's your daily discussion thread chock full o' Buffalo Sabres and NHL news, collected from around the internet for your viewing pleasure.

- The Sabres and their alumni are declaring war on Southern Ontario. The "Invade Canada Caravan" takes place on Sept 6 and 7. []

- Even with a pending lockout, it's business as usual for the Buffalo Sabres. [Sabre Noise]

- Dave Davis, on the fallacy of fan backlash. [Kukla's Korner]

Around the NHL:

- The Senators have extended center Zack Smith for four more years [] and the Hurricanes have extended forward Patrick Dwyer. []

- If there is a lockout, here are some hockey alternatives. [THN]

- "Former NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly knows a thing or two about what it's like to deal with Gary Bettman's NHL. And he doesn't like the direction these CBA negotiations are headed." [ESPN]

- The Tampa Bay Lightning hope that an improved defense will lead to success. [SB Nation]

- An arena in Nebraska is in danger of losing its zambonis. The first casualty of the lockout! [Puck Daddy]