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Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: NHLPA Offers Counter-proposal

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I'm assuming the CBA talks look nothing like this.
I'm assuming the CBA talks look nothing like this.

Here's your daily discussion thread chock full o' Buffalo Sabres and NHL news, collected from around the internet for your viewing pleasure.

- The NHLPA offered up a counter-proposal for a new CBA. [WGR]

- A whole bunch of musings on various subjects, but worth it for the images alone. [Sabre Noise]

- A post linking Hockeyy Insiderr with 4chan. [Hockey Rhetoric]

Around the NHL:

- A slightly more detailed explanation of the player's offer. [Puck Daddy]

- The Avs signed JS Giguere to an extension. []

- Some incredible custom jerseys here including Game of Thrones, Batman Begins, and Super Nintendo. [Dave's Geeky Hockey Site]

- Former player Justin Bourne offers some helpful tips for rec leaguers on how to perform a slapshot. [Backhand Shelf]

- Mark your calendars: the NHL 13 demo is out on August 21. [Operation Sports]