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Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Tim Thomas To Take A Year Off

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Wait, what does this thing do again?
Wait, what does this thing do again?

Here's your daily dose of Buffalo Sabres and NHL news, collected from the biggest tubes on the internet for your viewing pleasure.

- Paul Hamilton's report on the NHL Combine wrapping up. [WGR]

- The draft is extremely important to the Sabres as most of their team is made up of homegrown players. [Sabre Noise]

- The Sabres have neglected to re-sign Steven Shipley, Greg Sutch, and Cedrick Henley, all 2010 draft picks. [Sabres Prospects, Sabres Edge]

- Arctic Ice Hockey has mock'd the Sabres #12 selection, and it's my favorite name in the first round: Zegmus Girgensons. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

NHL Playoff News:

- Henrik Tallinder is ready to go for the Devils. []

- The development of Dustin Brown into a star player and leader has helped the Kings get to where they are. [ESPN]

- It's going to be very tough for the Devils to come back down 2-0. [Globe & Mail]

- Who Has The Better Playoff Beards, The Kings Or Devils? [SB Nation]

Around the NHL:

- Tim Thomas announced on Facebook that he'll be stepping away from hockey for a year. [Puck Daddy]

- NHL CBA Talks Set To Begin Soon; Salary Cap Temporarily Set At $70.3 Million. [SB Nation]

- Big-market success is helping the NHL become relevant again. [Buffalo Wins]