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Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: We Have New Baby Sabres

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Jake McCabe also someday hopes to be #1 in your heart.
Jake McCabe also someday hopes to be #1 in your heart.

Here's your daily discussion thread chock full o' Buffalo Sabres and NHL news, collected from around the internet for your viewing pleasure.

- Recaps of the 2012 Sabres draft. [, Sabres Edge, Two In The Box, BSN, Sabre Noise]

- The Sabres second round pick, Jake McCabe, hopes to grow into a #1 defenseman. [Sabres Edge]

- Regarding Grigorenko's work ethic thing. [BSN]

- Despite being happy with the draft, Mike Schopp is still angry that the entire team hasn't been traded yet. [WGR]

Around the NHL:

- The Leafs and Flyers swapped Luke Schenn and James Van Riemsdyk. []

- A complete wrap-up of the draft. [SB Nation]

- The winners and losers of the 2012 NHL Draft. [Puck Daddy]

- Four draft thoughts. [Backhand Shelf]

- Nash and Ryan stay put, plus other rumblings from the draft. [ESPN]

- With his trade and marriage, it was a nice weekend for Jordan Staal. []

- After the draft, every team is excited for next year! Except there may not be a next year. [Globe & Mail]