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Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Did You Guys Know About This Danny Briere?

I'm just as confused as you are, Paul.
I'm just as confused as you are, Paul.

Here are your daily Buffalo Sabres links to get you through the day. Today, all the Danny Briere talk is coming to a head. You may be sick of talking about him, but with a lack of Sabres links out there, we'll put some ex-Sabre links before the break.

- Danny Briere continues to haunt Sabre fans with great performances for Philly. [Sabres Edge]

- Why Buffalo should (sort of) forget about Briere. [The Hosers]

- Examining Danny Briere's clutchness. [Backhand Shelf]

- Why Danny Briere has to be on Canada's Olympic team. [THN]

NHL Playoff News:

- The Caps evened their series wih the Rangers with a 3-2 win. []

- The Kings are up 2-0 after blasting the Blues 5-2. []

- Ovechkin is making the most of his low minutes. []

- Why are overtimes ending so quickly in the playoffs? []

- Kovalchuk is injured. [Fire & Ice]

- Boston banded together against the jerks who had racist things to Tweet to Joel Ward. []

- The Bruins' demise was predictably unpredictable. [Stanley Cup Of Chowder]

Around the NHL:

- Your Jack Adams nominees do not include Kevin Dineen. [SB Nation]