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Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: An Incredible Comeback

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This guy.
This guy.

What can you say after the Buffalo Sabres' win last night over the Toronto Maple Leafs that will do that game justice? We saw Marcus Foligno's coming-of-age party, the rare "great 5 goals against" netminding performance from Ryan Miller, the love-hate relationship that is Alexander Sulzer, a studly game from Derek Roy, a gift from the zebras, and a never-say-die attitude from every player on the team. The Sabres still need some help, and must win two more tough games against Philly and Boston, but dang if that wasn't a fun ride last night.

- Recaps of last night's wild game. [,, Globe & Mail, TSN, WGR]

-The Stafford-Ennis-Foligno line is pacing Buffalo's play. [, THN]

- It wasn't the way they drew it up, but the Sabres got it done last night. [WGR]

- Here's how the blue and gold can still make the playoffs. [Talking Buffalo]

- The Sabres announced that they have set a new home attendance record. []

- The Islanders have proven once again why they're a terrible franchise - they've cut ties with Pat LaFontaine. [NY Times, Backhand Shelf]

- How do the expert's pre-season predictions look now? [Backhand Shelf]

- The Rangers have clinched the #1 seed in the East. [USA Today]

- Their storied history hurts the Habs and Leafs more at this point than it helps. []

- DGB with the Montreal Canadiens GM application. [DGB]