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Daily Buffalo Sabres Links: Start Talking With The Deity Of Your Choice

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Hockey Hugs for good luck!
Hockey Hugs for good luck!

The Buffalo Sabres need plenty of help over the next week, starting tonight with Tampa Bay defeating Washington.

- Humpty Dumpty has fallen over again. [WGR]

- This season has been a heck of a ride no matter how it turns out. [BSN]

- With the actual Sabres not looking so hot, let's check in with the baby Sabres. [Sabres Prospects]

- The Senators have clinched a playoff spot. [Globe & Mail]

- Penguins, Flyers set stage for potential playoff matchup with line brawl. [Puck Daddy]

- The playoff race in the West is even crazier than the East. [The Buffalo News]

- Who was supposed to be in the NHL's basement at the start of the season? [Backhand Shelf]

- Adrian Dater gives out some fake awards. []

- Wayne Simmonds scored off his face on Saturday night. []