Sabres Future...NOW

Watching playoff hockey all week (in Philadelphia no less) has me itchy. I so miss this excitement. Pales in comparison to when your own team is in it. The build up, the nerves, the excitement...I'm pining for next year all ready!! In the meantime....

I'm kind of a hockey geek, so I really enjoy reading prospect and farm updates. Here's a recent summary of buffalo's top 20. Mixed bag, but certainly shows them drafting for size and probably too many defensemen (10 of the 20).

Also interesting to see 2 goalies on that list. Have two of the top goalies in both the NCAA and WHL this year, which is interesting because enroth is highly regarded as well. There's a serious lack of top line center (as there's been the last 10 years) but plenty of big wingers and speedy playmakers. The way Ennis played down the stretch and the talent Hodgson showed kind of negates that hole, but still a need. I'm hoping for Roy to be shipped out this year, decent value at his salary but needs to go. I still have faith in Luke Adam. His first half of the season was calder-esque but that drop off the 2nd half was frightening. My boy Foligno came from no where really to solidify himself as a top 6 guy out of camp next year....what a profit on a 4th rounder eh? And he'll fight. Already has a handful of goals since he was sent down to rochester too. Future Captain I'm thinking. Zach who?? The defensive side has a ton of play between the vets already in the NHL and the combo of young guys that could make the team. There has to be some moves up Regier's sleeve, you can only start 6 and i'm guessing up to 10 guys on their payroll could play. They could resign Sulzer too the way he played.

That gaustad trade was a steal and now we're looking at 2 1st rounders and 2 2nd rounders in the draft. So 4 of the top 44 players could possibly end up with Buffalo or it provides room to move up from #12, like the tyler myers year. The NHL draft is pretty tame like baseball's, but I think I'm more invested in this year to witness how the pegula turnaround develops....June 22, get here soon!!

In my effort to fill the sabres void, I've taken an interest in the amerks fate. They were out of the running 2 weeks ago , but since Buffalo sent down their call ups (foligno, tropp, mcnabb, Brennan) they've gone 4-1. Now sit in 5th place and it will take a 9 goal margin of victory by the 9th place team for them to drop out. Maybe they can surprise with the talent infusion.

Enjoy a lazy sunday. Tune into that flyers pen game if you get a chance...the first 2 have been dynamite.

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