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Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Two Seconds

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This is not the kind of leap we had in mind, kid.
This is not the kind of leap we had in mind, kid.

The Buffalo Sabres flushed a point down the toilet yesterday when they allowed the Colorado Avalanche to tie the game with two seconds left, and eventually lost in the shootout.

- Recaps of last night's game. [,, The Buffalo News, WGR, 3MI, Mile High Hockey]

- Marcus Foligno had himself a night. [The Buffalo News] And Tyler Ennis continues to play well. [WGR]

- Apparently last night was the final night for the Sabres current third jerseys. According to Mike Harrington, they won't ever be worn again. [Twitter]

- The Sabres and Canadiens view the Myers suspensions differently. Surprise. []

- What's behind the Sabres turnaround? [Puck Daddy]

- Hybrid icing. Yes, no? [SB Nation]

- What's gonna happen with the CBA this summer? [ESPN]

- There will be no games in Europe next year. [Globe & Mail]

- Saku Koivu has played in 1,000 games, which is 1,000 games more than I've ever played. [The Gazette]