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Daily Buffalo Sabres Links: Colorado Comes To Town

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Sorry ref, but nobody gets in the way of RoboTropp.
Sorry ref, but nobody gets in the way of RoboTropp.

The Buffalo Sabres will face their Western Conference doppelganger in the Colorado Avalanche tonight. Both teams are fighting for a playoff spot, and the Sabres will have to win tonight without the recently suspended Tyler Myers.

- Previews of tonight's matchup. [,, Mile High Hockey]

- In case you missed it yesterday, Tyler Myers has been suspended for three games for his hit from behind on Scott Gomez. [Sabres Edge]

- Cody Hodgson insists he's not fatigued, and is staying positive even though his lack of production. [Sabres Edge]

- Tyler Ennis is making some magic happen this season. [The Goose's Roost]

- An interview with the Buffaslug creator. [Puck Daddy]

- A Systems Analyst post about how the Sabres coverage broke down in the final seconds of regulation against Montreal. [Backhand Shelf]

- "How often do we see a team go up a goal or two before backing into a defensive shell and just weathering the storm until the game is over? Or Vice versa?" A statistical analysis. [The Hosers]

- Brian Duff's take on the happenings of the rest of the league. []

- Sidney Crosby will make his return to the ice on Thursday against the Rangers. [, SB Nation, Globe & Mail]

- The "ringette line" intrigues the general managers enough that they want to try it in the American Hockey League next season. [Puck Daddy]

- Did Sean Avery just retire from the NHL on the Bravo network? [SB Nation]