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Daily Buffalo Sabres Links: Nobody Likes Brad Marchand

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Marchand got taken out by <em>Vanek</em>? I mean, Kaleta or Weber, sure, but Vanek?!
Marchand got taken out by Vanek? I mean, Kaleta or Weber, sure, but Vanek?!

Here are your Buffalo Sabres morning links, served up hot and juicy for your viewing pleasure!

- The Sabres host the Boston Bruins tonight. [,, Stanley Cup Of Chowder]

- Yet another Boston athlete - Brad Marchand this time - dissed Buffalo yesterday. Everyone proceeded to get their knickers in a twist before realizing that, unlike Tom Brady, nobody in Buffalo cares what Brad Marchand has to say. [Puck Daddy]

- A weekend preview, and a Thursday practice update. [, Sabres Edge]

- The Gerbe-Goose-Kaleta line is playing very well thanks to their off-ice preparation. [WGR]

- A whole mess o' trade thoughts. [Buffalo Wins, BSN, Sabres Hockey Central]

- The Kings traded Jack Johnson and a first round pick to Columbus for Jeff Carter. [] Here's some analysis on the trade [ESPN, Puck Daddy, The Cannon] and here's an argument that Jack Johnson isn't very good anymore. [Hockey Analysis]

- The Western Conference contenders are looking for depth. You don't say. [SB Nation]

- Here are seven deadline deals that directly led to Stanley Cup glory. [Puck Daddy]

- Should Columbus wait until the summer to deal Rick Nash? [Yahoo! Sports]

- Despite trading away half their team, the Tampa Bay Lightning continue to win. [Globe & Mail]

- Who are some of the early risers and fallers in the draft? You'll definitely be surprised which list Grigorenko is on. [TSN]

- Looks like Todd Bertuzzi will be around for two more years. []