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Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: It's Always Good To Beat Dallas

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Here are your daily Buffalo Sabres links, served up hot and juicy for your viewing pleasure.

- The Sabres continued their winning ways last night, beating Dallas in a shootout. [, Defending Big D,, The Buffalo News, WGR]

- It's nice to have Thomas Vanek in the lineup, and he returned to his scoring ways quickly. [The Buffalo News]

- Is it time to send down Luke Adam? Kevin O. from the Rochester D&C thinks so. [D&C]

- Taking a look at the chips the Sabres have to trade with. [Disciples of the Sword]

- The Sabres have partnered with Great Skate to teach parents about buying appropriate and safe hockey equipment for their children. []

- What is the biggest team in the NHL? [Black & Blue & Gold]

- Could the Ducks actually trade Teemu Selanne? [Puck Daddy]

- It might be time for the Bruins to panic. Please do. [ESPN]

- THN tells us why we should stop givingGMs Burke, Feaster, Snow, and Sather such a hard time [THN]

- Henrik Lundqvist has been resting more this season than ever, and he's putting up his finest numbers yet. Does this have anything to do with Ryan Miller? []

- Why are NHL officials so bad? [Globe & Mail]

- Hockey is a dang fast game [The Score]

- Now that Scott Gomez has scored, what are the other big goal droughts around the NHL? [Puck Daddy]