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Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: The (Jr.) Sabres Are Doing Great!

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Here's your daily discussion thread full of Buffalo Sabres and NHL news, culled from around the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Rick Stewart - Getty Images

Sabres News

  • All of the prospects involved in the recent AAPG were honored to play in Buffalo. [The Buffalo News]
  • The next victim in this lockout madness is the regular season. [Sabre Noise]
  • Here are the top plays of September from the Sabres prospects. [Sabres Prospects]
  • The Jr. Sabres are off to a hot start. They're like the regular Sabres, just smaller! []

Around the NHL

  • The NHL is waiting around for a new proposal from the NHLPA. [ESPN]
  • A one-on-one with Donald Fehr. [THN]
  • More fake game previews/recaps. Get ready for five months of these. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • What happened to the KHL's debut on ESPN3? Turns out it won't be until this weekend, despite earlier reports. [Puck Daddy]
  • This is perhaps the greatest beer league jersey in history. [Puck Daddy]