2012 NHL Trade Deadline: Sabres Are A Part Of Early Rumors On Deadline Morning

With five hours before the NHL Trade Deadline officially comes to an end, no actual deals have been completed but plenty of speculation has been tossed around.

There are a bunch of Sabres that could be in play for multiple teams. Paul Gaustad and Derek Roy are among a myriad of Sabres that could be in play by the end of the day. The question could be how many of those Sabres are actually going to be moved.

Early reports coming out of multiple people is that the Sabres are looking for a first round pick to move Paul Gaustad. While the asking price might seem rather ridiculous, it could very well happen depending on how much interest there is out there for a player like Gaustad. There are teams like Detroit and San Jose that could be interested in Gaustad. Detroit already used their 1st round pick in the Kyle Quincey deal, but there are good handful of teams that have interest so that return could very well happen.

There were only 18 deals done on deadline day last year and with the slow trickle of deals happening before the deadline, I would expect us to barely meet that number at this point in the morning.

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