2012 NHL Draft: Sabres Keeping First Four Picks Is "Greatest Likelihood"

Earlier today, Sabres GM Darcy Regier spoke to Kevin Snow of Sabres.com, and stated that the outcome with the greatest likelihood for draft weekend is that the Sabres will keep all four of their first four picks and select the best players available.

Regier did say that he's been receiving phone call, admitting to turning down an offer for the #21 pick that would have had Buffalo moving further down in the draft, but said that the day has been quiet overall, with most GMs waiting for the first domino to fall before the deals start happening.

Regier went on to say that he envisions this draft will be one where we'll see a lot of teams shuffle their way up or down the draft boards via trades, once the actual draft begins.

As for the Sabres plans, Darcy think that this draft is all about the future, stating that if the Sabres want help this year, they'll have to look for it through the free agent or trade market. He plans on taking the best player available with each pick, and not reaching for position, as is his usual style.

So what do think, Sabres fans? Is Darcy telling the truth, or is this all a big smokescreen?