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Buffalo Sabres Bolster Rochester Roster With Two Signings Today

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With the Sabres roster pretty much solidified, Darcy Regier is starting to get the veteran players set up for the Rochester Americans roster. The Sabres announced that they have signed Michael Ryan and Paul Szczechura to one year contracts. 

This is the second time for Michael Ryan with the Sabres as he was apart of the organization for five seasons and played a total of 65 games with the Sabres. The most memorable play that Ryan had during his time with the Sabres was when he scored an own goal, note terrible video quality. 

Paul Szczechura has been apart of the Tampa Bay Lightning organization and the Norfolk Admirals for the past three seasons. In his AHL career, Szczechura has 148 points in 214 games. Both of these players are solid AHL veterans that can help the prospects in the system but the likelihood of any of them seeing the main squad is slim to none.