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Daily Links for Tuesday August 9th

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Another August Tuesday, another day closer to the start of training camps and the preseason. Today we take a look at the Sabres defense and what Tyler Myers new contract will look like. 

The New Sabres’ Blue Line: Looking Forward " The Ruff Writers The Sabres defense has been completely revamped and the guys at the Ruff Writers take a look at how the new parings should shake out. 

What does Shea Weber's Arbitration Award Mean for Tyler Myers | Articles

With Shea Weber getting the largest arbitration award for a defenseman, how will that affect the Sabres when they try and resign Tyler Myers this season. 

Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, among legends coming to NHL 12 - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports

NHL 12 will include legends such as Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux to the game to play as part of a legends team.

Alex Kovalev bashes Ottawa media, hints at possibility of eventual NHL return | ProHockeyTalk

Alex Kovalev will be far away from Ottawa after signing a two-year deal with the KHL, but that doesn't mean that the wounds from his experience with the Senators (and the media) have totally healed.

Sean Avery -- Asked Cops for Favor After Calling Them "Fat Little Pigs" |

Sean Avery has a brass set -- how else do you explain the fact he asked the police that arrested him for a favor ... right after he called them "fat…

The Non-Russian Factor – NHL Theory May Become Obsolete | The Hockey Writers

Is the fact that Russian players will drop at the NHL Draft start to become more obsolete.