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How Are The Sabres Spending Their Summer Vacation?

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Andrej Sekera has taken up fencing to help pass the time in the offseason. Or maybe I just wish he did.
Andrej Sekera has taken up fencing to help pass the time in the offseason. Or maybe I just wish he did.

Hockey players are usually cold-weather creatures, though whether that's due to the nature of the game or the fact that many of them come from countries like Canada, Russia, and Sweden is yet unknown. So what exactly do they do during the summer? A few Sabres players and prospects have given us glimpses into their summer vacations through various media outlets, so in the interest of interest, let's see what they're up to.

Let's start with what is clearly the most important hockey news of the offseason: Drew Stafford loves puppies. We already knew that he enjoys *ahem* other animals as well, but we can now confirm that he's the proud owner of Harley, an adopted puppy from the Joyful Rescues animal shelter.

Other players are enjoying their time off in different ways. Nathan Gerbe and prospect Travis Turnbull are working on their golf games, while Greg Sutch bros out and Connor Knapp is chilling at what is either the weirdest or most awesome vacation house ever, I'm not really sure.

As for the Sabres star players, Thomas Vanek tried to get over the disappointment of a playoff loss by watching the Austrian Soccer championships from his home in Minnesota, while Ryan Miller has been getting as far away from hockey as possible over the summer, though he did congratulate Tim Thomas on his Cup win (in my head I imagine it went something like this.)

Not everyone is taking the summer off, however. Those of you on the Luke Adam bandwagon will be happy to know that he's back in Buffalo for a few weeks of work to get ready for camp. Third round pick Dan Catenacci is also working hard, as anyone who's ever done sled pulls at 8am can attest to.

So there's a peek into the lives of some of the Sabres players on their vacation. And that sentence right there is a sign of just how much I really need hockey to start again.