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Daily Links for Wednesday, August 17

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Plenty of links after the break, but make sure you check out the details of this Sabres documentary over at The Willful Caboose before the jump.

Sabres blogger Kevin Snow gets you up to speed with many of the offseason happenings that you’ve been asking about.

Kaleta/Dareus quick-hitters - THE BEST OF NICK MENDOLA . . .LIVE
Kaleta is eying 15-20 goals this year and has worked harder than ever this offseason with Goose and Gerbe. A new third line, perhaps?

Sabres Fan Documentary - The Willful Caboose
Would you like to be the star of a Sabres documentary put together by someone from "The Office"? Well, here's your chance.

Remembering Rypien: The view of NHL enforcers -
NHL players comment on the tragic death of Rick Rypien.

Rypien, RDO Camp and Khabibulin’s release - Red Light
A post containing a myriad of topical topics.

Eastern Conference players on the hot seat - pinpoints a player from each of the 15 teams in the Eastern Conference who will be under pressure to perform in the 2011-12 season.

Want A Job In NHL Management? Play Professionally. - The Copper & Blue
What is the single most universal qualification of NHL General Managers?

Tuesday's Top Ten: Hurricanes Playoff Games - Canes Country
Read at your own risk, Sabres fans (you should know how this story ends) but I included this link because 2006 was the last time Jochen Hecht scored a wraparaound goal (Ed. Note: This fact is totally scientific.)

E.J. Mailbag: Sharks moves, Devils captain and more -
The analyst answers fan mail regarding topics like whether the Sharks gave up too much and if the Devils should name Parise captain.

Video: Jeremy Roenick reenacts iconic ‘Swingers’ hockey scene - Puck Daddy
There can be no mention of the 1996 classic movie "Swingers" in a hockey discussion without bringing up the famous scene where Trent plays Sue in NHL '93 and makes video Wayne Gretzky's head bleed.