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Miller Excited About New Players, More Rest Next Season

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With the excitement of free agency and the doldrums of summer upon us, it's been a long time since we've heard anything from someone who was on the Sabres roster last year. Luckily, Ryan Miller was on WGR's Schopp and the Bulldog show a few days ago, and had some interesting things to say.

After some mildly awkward banter about Miller's engagement (going well) and Schopp's children (he has two) Miller began by announcing his excitement for the free agents the Sabres brought in. He went on to say that the additions will allow the Sabres to match up next season against "a lot more teams," presumably ones they would have had trouble with this past season; he did not expand to say exactly which teams or types of teams those were.

Miller further stated that he thought the new additions were complimentary pieces to the talent already in Buffalo, and would allow the team to win more consistently, which he felt was a problem last season.

After the usual "How awesome is Terry Pegula?/So Awesome" talk, the conversation turned to Jhonas Enroth. Miller said he's the kind of person who benefits from a strong relationship with his goaltending partner, and said that Enroth has been slow to come out of his shell in Buffalo as compared to the more "rah rah" type of compatriot that Lalime was, but he's impressed with Enroth's talent and is excited to work with his next season.

When asked about how many games he'd like to play, Miller brought up the stat that no goaltender in the past few years who's won a Cup played more than 65 games in a season, and said he'd gladly play a reduced number if that's the formula. Miller also dropped the nugget that Lindy Ruff likes to "go with his gut" sometimes when it comes to goaltenders, so it may not matter how good Enroth is if Ruff continues to ride the hot goalie.

If you're desperate to hear a Sabres player's voice, you can check the interview at the WGR Audio Vault.