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Daily Links for Wednesday, July 27

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It's minor league day here at the links, with the Amerks announcing their new coach today at 11am.

Sabres get their (unknown) man for Rochester - Sabres Edge
The Rochester Democrat Chronicle is reporting there is an 11 a.m. news conference tomorrow at Blue Cross Arena to announce the Sabres have named Ron Rolston as the new head coach of the Rochester Amerks.

Six Former Amerks Who Didn’t Get Their Chance - Sabre Noise
Since the minor league team is on the brain, here's a list of some promising Amerks who never got the call-up for a full year.

Offseason assessment: Northeast Division -
Eager for a repeat, Boston has stiff competition in Northeast, including Buffalo.

Funniest NHL Commercials -
SI went and collected the 20 funniest NHL commercials, and Rob Ray's classic "This Is Sportscenter" ad made the list.

Detroit’s working class hero hangs ‘em up -
Perhaps the best dollar an NHL team ever spent was the one the Red Wings paid the Winnipeg Jets in 1993 for minor leaguer Kris Draper.

Statement from Ryan Boogaard regarding younger brother Aaron Boogaard -
An email from Ryan Boogaard, middle brother to Derek and Aaron Boogaard regarding the charges filed against his brother.

Meet the NHL's shootout kings -
The shootout has become a staple of hockey life. looks at the players who've fared the best in the six years of the tiebreaker.

Looking ahead to 2011-12: Ranking the NHL’s top right wingers - Puck Daddy
No Sabres here either. I certainly hope we have at least one in the left wing, defense, and goalie categories.