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Daily Links for Tuesday, July 26

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It's a Tuesday in the summer, so today we've got prospect interviews, some stat analysis on a guy who's probably a salary dump, and after the break, some Flyers scandals.

Report: Possible New Amerks Coach, Ron Rolston - Let's Go Amerks!
The Amerks may have a new coach - based on one man's Tweet, that is.

10 Questions with Sabres Prospect Dan Catenacci - BSN
BSN interviews the Sabres new third round pick - all about hockey.

Vulgar Statistics: Acquisitions By The Numbers: Ales Kotalik - Black & Blue & Gold
What can Ales Kotalik offer the Sabres on the ice?

Unnamed Flyers blame ‘Dry Island’, partying for Carter/Richards deals - Puck Daddy
Was Peter Laviolette's coaching power move to blame for the trades of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards?

Looking ahead to 2011-12: Ranking the NHL’s top 25 centers - Puck Daddy
Sadness that there are no Sabres on this list.

Offseason assessment: Atlantic Division -
Atlantic Division opponents hoping to catch up to retooled Flyers.

Salary of Gary Bettman has doubled since NHL lockout - ESPN
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman's salary has more than doubled since the 2004-05 lockout with his current salary at $7.5 million for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010, according to SportsBusiness Journal.