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Daily Links for Monday, July 25

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This weekend's weather makes me wonder why hockey season isn't in the summer. Think about it - you can cool off every night at the rink, and you'd only be competing with MLB for viewers eyes, rather than the NFL and NBA. I think this could work - get on it, Bettman.

The Buffalo Sabres "all 7th man team" - Sabre Noise
A lengthy post creating an almost full team from the best third and fourth liners in Sabres history.

Gerbe’s Birthday: "24″ Reminders Why He is so Important to the Sabres
Nathan Gerbe turned 24 yesterday, and BSN gives us many reasons to love him.

The great debate - It's Always Game Seven
What really constitutes a sport? Where do bowling, golf, gymnastics, and darts rank in the pantheon of sports? Not necessarily a hockey-centric article, but a really fun read that you're sure to have a different opinion on.

Winnipeg Jets unveil new logo -
The latest exciting chapter in the new history of the Jets was written with the unveiling of the team logo today.

Our five favorite Winnipeg Jets jersey design concepts - Puck Daddy
The logos are unveiled, but here's a look at what could have been.

Some NHL records may be etched in permanent ink -
Some records that just aren't meant to be broken. looks at a sampling of marks that aren't likely to be eclipsed any time soon -- if ever.

Rumor Roundup: Toronto looking at Malone? - THN
Could a Lightning forward not named Stamkos go to the Leafs; What impact will arbitration have?; Who's next for the Jets.