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Lalime Retires, Grier Now Willing To Play For Other Teams

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Some older Sabres have been making headlines recently, through in Patrick Lalime's case it was to say goodbye. Lalime retired from the NHL today after 12 seasons, spending the last three with the Buffalo Sabres. The 37-year old will join the Ottawa Senators on the RDS Network as an analyst.

Lalime's career has been much maligned in Buffalo due to his inability to, well, win games with any sort of consistency, going 9-26-5 over the past three seasons. However, Lalime can retire with his head held high after 200 career wins, an All-Star appearance, and the legacy of being a great teammate wherever he played. The Sabres may not have gotten his best playing years, but they did get a great locker room presence and one heck of a door-opener.

In other news, Mike Grier's agent told the that the former Sabres winger, who formerly said that he'd only return if he returned to Buffalo, is now open to playing for other teams. From the article:

"He’d be particular about where he goes at this stage of his career,’’ noted Fee, his client training with strength and conditioning aficionado Mike Boyle, Grier’s pal from BU. "It’s not just about playing, but being a good fit.’’

It sounds as if Grier knows the Sabres have little or no interest in bringing him back for another season, and is looking for anyone willing to take on an aging winger who could be a great locker room presence for a younger team looking to add some experience and grit.

The Sabres have lost some leadership and experience from the locker room with the departure of Grier and Lalime, but will the loss of their declining production on the ice make up for it?