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Daily Links for Monday, July 18

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We've got some serious, hard-hitting hockey news for you today, from 5k results, to holes-in-one, to the Stanley Cup getting lost at the Buffalo airport.

Vulgar Statistics: Acquisitions By The Numbers: Robyn Regehr - Black & Blue & Gold
Regehr is probably the least threatening Sabre defenseman in terms of putting up points, but he wasn’t brought here to score. He was brought here to destroy.

What the logo means to me - Sabre Noise
An ode to the blue and gold.

Meet Matt Phillips, Super Violist. - The Willful Caboose
It's official - the BPO is faster than the Buffalo Sabres at running a 5k.

The NHL's five least-improved teams - THN
Many teams feel they got better this off-season, but a handful of team can't say with a straight face that they improved or even stay on level ground.

Patrick Sharp to play anywhere Blackhawks put him -
With his offseason work neatly done, Chicago GM Stan Bowman will next turn his attention to signing versatile forward Patrick Sharp to an extension.

Where was the Stanley Cup on Nathan Horton’s day? - Puck Daddy
As you may have heard, Boston Bruins forward Nathan Horton's day with the Stanley Cup in Dunnville, Ont. was short-circuited by an air travel snafu: Horton was there for the Sunday afternoon celebration in front of about 6,000 people, but the Stanley Cup was not.

The Sports Book Hall of Fame - Grantland
Is there a better hockey book than Ken Dryden's "The Game"? No.

Video: Watch Joe Sakic sink a $1 million hole-in-one - Puck Daddy
Sakic sunk that hole-in-one at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, where a perfect shot on the 17th earned a $1 million bonus from the tournament sponsor — half of it going to Sakic and half going to Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation.