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In The Dog Days Of Summer, Even Jersey Numbers Are Exciting

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After a hotly contested, tension fueled two weeks of speculation, we now know what numbers the newest Buffalo Sabres will wear thanks to some tweets from the team website.

Ville Leino will abandon his #22 sweater he wore last season in favor of ***gasp*** #23. Hey, I seem to remember another center who blossomed in Buffalo with that number...anyway, his old numbers are already taken by Drew Stafford and Brad Boyes. Speraking of which, here's something out of our least interesting stat you'll hear all day department: Leino has now worn #21, 22, and 23 consecutively with the Red Wings, Flyers, and Sabres. And now you can impress your friends at cocktail parties.

Christian Ehrhoff will return to the #10 sweater he wore during his days in San Jose, abandoning the #5 he wore in Vancouver. Or maybe he just wanted to remind Sabres fans of the length of his new contract every time he steps on the ice.

There was some speculation that Robyn Regehr was trying to pry the #28 away from Paul Gaustad, that being his old number in Calgary and all, but evidently he either didn't want it or was unsuccessful; Regehr will don the #24 jersey this coming fall.

There you have it, folks, the newest sweaters, available for purchase now at the Sabres Store in HSBC Arena. (Ed Note: We don't get any money from the Sabres for saying that, but we'd be happy to take some if they offered.) You may now add these numbers to your favorite Sabres-themed dart boards and party games.