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NHL Free Agency 2011: Sabres Sign Ville Leino

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The Buffalo Sabres continue to make splashes in free agency by signing winger Ville Leino, formerly of the Philadelphia Flyers. The contract is 6 years long for $27 million, making Leino's cap hit $4.5 million per season. His salary is structured thusly: 6mil-6mil-4mil-4mil-3.5mil-3.5mil.

The 27-year old Finnish winger had his breakout season last year, his third in the NHL, netting 19 goals to go along with 34 assists. He has been good for Philly in the playoffs, with 28 points in 37 games, so that fact, combined with the assumption of continued improvement may be why the deal seems a bit high for a guy who's only had one good year.

Leino has excellent vision and is a playmaking winger who can also play a bit of center if necessary. He's not overly physical, but his puckhandling and passing skills more than make up for that.

With the addition of Leino, Buffalo now has way too many wingers to fathom playing in the NHL, so there's a really good chance that we might see a trade or two in order to try and get that center that Buffalo still desperately needs.

It's definitely an interesting signing that has a lot of people either confused or excited. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Ville Leino

#22 / Left Wing / Buffalo Sabres



Oct 06, 1983

Contract: 6 years for $27million

2010 - Ville Leino 81 19 34 53 14 22 5 0 2 117