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Sabres Obtain Rights From Islanders For Christian Ehrhoff

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The Buffalo Sabres have shown that they are committed to getting their man and they are doing it again with the most recent trade with the Islanders for the rights to negotiate with Christian Ehrhoff. The Islanders traded a 4th round pick to the Canucks for those rights and recouped that 4th round pick from the Sabres. 

The Islanders were rejected twice with different multi-year deals so they felt that it made sense getting their 4th round pick back and the Sabres were interested in getting another defenseman to shore up their blueline. If the Sabres can convert the deal, they would have a front four of Myers, Regehr, Leopold, and Ehrhoff with Gragnani and either Sekera or Weber as the 6th defenseman. 

Ehrhoff had a cap hit of $3.1 million with his last three year deal with Vancouver and I imagine that the Sabres are going to have to pay at least $4.5 million per season to get the defenseman to come to Buffalo. For now, Ehrhoff watch is officially on.