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Daily Links for Sunday, June 26

A late links post comes with bonus content as penance.

The 2011 NHL Entry Draft netted both current and future players for the Buffalo Sabres organization over the weekend.

Sabres' Regehr: 'I'm very happy with the decision' - Sabres Edge
Robyn Regehr needed time to decide whether he should come to Buffalo. Now that he is a member of the Sabres, he has no doubt he made the right choice to accept a trade from Calgary.

Why Robyn Regehr went to Buffalo and Calgary re-signed Tanguay - Puck Daddy
News and notes showing how the Regehr deal went down.

5 things about the Robyn Regehr trade - Buffalo Wins
Joe gives a nice list of five things he's thinking now that Robyn Regehr is in the fold.

Overreactions: Sabres select Joel Armia 16th overall - 3rd Man In
For the first time since the Sabres still wore black and red, the franchise selected a European player in the NHL Draft, and they went big.

Hockey has been Jacobs' passion from an early age -
Colin Jacobs grew up a fan of the Dallas Stars hoping for his own career in the NHL someday.

NHL Draft:

The winners and losers of the 2011 NHL Draft - Puck Daddy
Terry Pegula makes the list - and he's a winner!

2011 NHL draft: Wrapping up the trades, trends and talk from NHL draft - ESPN
From player trades to free-agency talk, we wrap up the action from draft weekend in St. Paul.

Deals for defensemen highlight draft weekend trades -
Deals for defensemen highlighted the weekend trading activity at the 2011 Entry Draft.


Other NHL News:

Teams now begin focus on free agency, relignment -
The 2011 NHL Draft came to a close Saturday afternoon and when the last pick was made -- a Swedish goalie by the name of Johan Mattsson to Chicago -- all eyes turned to the next key date on the league calendar: July 1, free agency day. 

Clarke: Flyers different, but better after big moves -
Flyers senior vice president Bobby Clarke likes the direction of the organization after Philadelphia traded away Mike Richards and Jeff Carter.

NHL contracts, salary cap will lead to CBA issues in 2012 - THN
Brian Campbell's contract and the fact Florida added him and still aren't near the cap floor is proof the current CBA isn't working.

Optimism in Ottawa -
It's been a tough last few seasons for the Senators, but the team is on the right rebuild track.

Pass or Fail: Nashville and Florida unveil new jerseys - Puck Daddy
My opinion, yes on Florida, meh on Nashville.