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Robyn Regehr Scouting Report From Those Who Knew Him Best

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When the Robyn Regehr trade went down yesterday, we asked the folks over at Matchsticks and Gasoline their thoughts on the type of players that Regehr is. Here is what Hayley had to say about the player:

Sabres fans can expect a very rugged, physically tough stay-at-home defenceman capable of shutting down some of the opposition's best players both at even strength and on the penalty kill in Robyn Regehr. He won't provide you with a lot of offense, but he does have a pretty decent shot when he gets the chance to use it and collects a fair number of helpers. At 31 years old, he is certainly slowing down a bit and his skating is not above average, but that's to be expected with age and his injury history--at 19, Regehr was in a severe car accident and broke both of his legs, so he is prone to knee problems, but has been surprisingly durable over the course of his career with the Calgary Flames, especially considering the way he plays and the bone-crushing hits he delivers.

On the International stage, Regehr suited up for the Candian Olympic team in 2006 and was considered for last year's gold-medal winning squad; he won a gold medal at the World Cup in 2004 and captured silver twice, once as a teenager and once a the World Championships in 2005. In terms of intangibles, Regehr has been an assistant captain with the Flames for some time and will likely be an excellent mentor for young Sabres defenders like Tyler Myers. Last but not least, he comes at a decent price--$4,020/year for the next two seasons. Overall, a very good pickup for Buffalo who will be greatly missed by Flames fans.

Our thanks again to those guys and for all of your Flames needs, check out their site.