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NHL Draft 2011: Sabres Draft Recap For Rounds 5-7

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The Sabres took three hockey players in round 5, 6, and 7. They're hockey players who are a long shot to ever make it to the NHL, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't tell you who they are anyway.

In the fifth round, Buffalo snagged West Seneca's own Alex Lepkowski, a big defenseman who clocks in at 6'4'' and 212 lbs. I'll let Lepkowski describe himself, as he did to WGRZ

"I'm a stay at home defenseman. I use my size and my skating ability to my advantage. I try to use my body to keep away the opposition. I just try to be as physical as I can. I like to fight to stick up for my teammates when its time and when its the right time in the game. Its part of the game and I don't try to stay away from it."

Alex told Stu he was thrilled to be drafted by the Sabres. "Its something really special. Its something you really can't put into words. Being drafted by the team that you've idolized growing up is something really special. And for them to kind of think highly enough for to draft you is definitely a feather in my cap."

In Round Six, the Sabres added another goaltender to their stable by drafting Nathan Lieuwen who clocks in at a towering 6'5'' and 185lbs. Lieuwen has been playing with the Kootenay ICE in the WHL and had a 2.79 GAA and a .903 save percentage.

The big netmider was named MVP of the WHL playoffs, and Kris Baker of says that he thinks Lieuwen could start the season in Rochester backing up David Leggio, and that's good enough for me.

In the seventh and final round. Buffalo selected Brad Navin, a 6'2'', 167lb center who will be enrolling in the University of Wisconsin in the coming fall, so we won't be seeing him in Buffalo anytime soon, but he did dominate his high school league for what it's worth.

So with the 2011 NHL Draft in the books, how do you think the Sabres made out?