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NHL Draft 2011: Daniel Catenacci Selected By Buffalo In Third Round

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Buffalo's lone third round selection came from the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds with center Daniel Catenacci. Catenacci led the Greyhounds last season in assists with 45 in 67 games and was the fastest skater at the 2011 Top Prospects game. He is another small center, coming in a 5' 10", something that the Sabres are well known for and continue to keep in the pipeline of prospects. 

International Scouting Services had this to say about Catenacci who was ranked 51st by them:

Catenacci is unbelievably explosive and could be the fastest and quickest player available in this draft. He extremely competitive and always proves to be a pesky and agitating opponent. He has a great shot and executes off the rush extremely well. During zone play he often relies on his ability to elude defenders in the perimeter and then dish the puck to a teammate after he has created some room.

This somewhat shores up a hole in the Sabres prospect lineup as they needed some centers. It should take a few years to see if Catenacci progresses further in his career.