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Daily Links for Friday, June 24

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Who will the Sabres take at this year's draft?
Who will the Sabres take at this year's draft?

Happy Friday everyone! We've got NHL news aplenty on the night of the draft, the night after Philly blew itself up, and the night the Sabres may make a splash of their own in the trade market.

HAMILTON UPDATE: The Latest On Regehr - WGR 550 SportsRadio - Home of the Buffalo Sabres
Paul Hamilton says no current players will be traded off the Sabres roster, only prospects or picks.

Hot Coals: Pre-draft Deals, Will the Flames Participate - Matchsticks and Gasoline
Who do our Flames bloggers want to see some to Calgary? I'll give you a hint - their names rhyme with Shmadam and Shmassian.

The Buffalo Sabres and the National Hockey League today announced the team’s 2011-2012 regular season schedule.

First-Glance Expat Thoughts on the Sabres Regular Season Schedule - Dear God Why Us Sports
DGWU Sports gives us a first-look at the Sabres schedule.

A Comprehensive Reflection on the Sabres’ Draft History - Hockey Heaven
Exactly what it says - a nice long read on the Sabres draft history.

Down On The Farm: Is Today The Day? It Is! - Black & Blue & Gold
Could the Sabres announce the purchase of the Rochester Amerks today?

Lines on the Map - The Goose's Roost
Regier’s potential trade for Regehr (neat!) is a big deal around here because it marks a different modus operandi for the Sabres. One fans are certainly excited about.

NHL Draft News:

Steven Hoffner's 2011 Mock Draft -
Steven Hoffner's 2011 Mock Draft for has Buffalo again taking Mark Sceifele.

2011 NHL first round mock draft -
Webster defines "mock" as: To treat with contempt or ridicule. To disappoint the hopes of. So, apologies in advance if the accuracy rate of the following 30 predictions ends up resembling that of the Florida Panthers' power play.

NHL draft day predictions - THN
Today is the big day, so what can we expect? How about some surprises, trades and much, much more.

Winnipeg NHL team expected to announce name before 7th pick - TSN
It appears that fans of the new Winnipeg hockey team won't have to wait much longer to find out the name of the team.


Other NHL News:

Flyers ship out Richards and Carter, sign Bryzgalov - TSN
Exit Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. Welcome to Ilya-delphia.

Catch Your Breath - Richards, Carter Out; Bryzgalov, Voracek, Schenn, Simmonds In - Broad Street Hockey
See what our pals at BSH have to say about Philly's wheeling and dealing.

The bitter, stunning end of Richards, Carter in Philadelphia - Puck Daddy
As the Philadelphia Flyers general manager and head coach tried to rationalize the stunning, course-changing decision to trade stars Mike Richards and Jeff Carter on the eve of the NHL Draft, I kept returning to one conundrum.

With Mike Richards in lineup, Kings turn attention to Ryan Smyth - ESPN
The Kings' GM confirmed Thursday night on a separate media call that Smyth, via agent Don Meehan, asked for a trade almost two months ago. When TSN's Bob McKenzie broke the story earlier this week, Lombardi intensified efforts to get a deal done. 

Predicting the 2011-12 NBC Schedule - Puck The Media
It's a lot of Pittsburgh, Bostons, Washington, etc.