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Once Game Seven Ends, The Offseason Truly Begins

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This article is just a thinly veiled excuse to post this picture.
This article is just a thinly veiled excuse to post this picture.

The sports world gets its ultimate payoff tonight in the form of a Game Seven, winner-take-all battle for the Stanley Cup. However, I've been hoping for four-game sweeps in every round because once the Cup is handed to the champion, the offseason can officially begin.

With this being the first full offseason of the Terry Pegula era, most fans are chomping at the bit thanks to Pegula's promise to spend his billions to lure free agents who will help the Sabres to win Lord Stanley's trophy next season. He's also said that every player in he NHL is in play through trades or offer sheets, which is a tantalizing idea when combined with the free agent market.

Speaking of free agency, the market opens on July 1, and once the playoffs end we'll start ramping up discussions on who the Sabres should target on the open market or through trades. We know you guys have your opinions too, and we want to hear them -- no idea is too crazy for this new regime, but please no Gerbe-for-Malkin trade talk.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, the NHL draft will be taking place from June 24-25, and we'll have some coverage on a few prospects the Sabres could be targeting with the 16th overall pick. You should also check out Bakes' draft preview as well, if you want to know everything about every prospect ever.

We'll also be attending the Sabres blogger summit tomorrow with president Ted Black and many other fine blogs, and can hopefully glean a bit of information on what the team's summer plans are and what they've been up to the past few weeks. The team will be streaming the event live on their Facebook page, so tune in and feel free to make fun of Zach's outfit.

So thank goodness we've finally reached the end of the playoffs, and we can focus on the important things in the hockey world, namely the Buffalo Sabres.