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Daily Links for Wednesday, June 15

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Game 7 - this guy's excited.
Game 7 - this guy's excited.

It's Game 7 time, and no day in hockey is sweeter than this. Despite the fact that the Cup Finals have been not great (yeah, I said it) you can never go wrong with a winner-take-all scenario.

How was Nathan Gerbe's season? Find out here.

Dreaming and Waking: Patrick Kaleta’s Role on the Sabres - Hockey Heaven
An intellectual discussion of Patrick Kaleta.

Vulgar Statistics: Home Performances - Black & Blue & Gold
Which teams are best at home? Not Buffalo.

Bizarre Stanley Cup Final to be decided by one more game - TSN
One of the strangest Stanley Cups anyone can remember is going to end with something everyone can understand: A single game, with everything on the line, winner-take-all.

Game 7 is all that matters to Canucks -
The Canucks have scored only eight goals in six games in the Stanley Cup Final, yet they will be crowned champions with a victory in Game 7.

With Mason Raymond out, Canucks need a replacement -
Mason Raymond will likely be out until at least November after suffering a fractured vertebrae during Monday's 5-2 loss at Boston.

Bourne Blog: Stanley Cup has been a tale of two blue lines - Puck Daddy
"It was the best of lines, it was the worst of lines..." My apologies to Charles Dickens for that.

It's Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals! Time for some predictions! - ESPN
Does it get any better than a Game 7 in the Cup finals? It does if you check out our predictions for Wednesday's tilt.