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Daily Links for Thursday, May 5

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Happy Cinco de Mayo, Sabres fans! Celebrate this traditional hockey holiday with some juicy morning links.

Stafford plans to maintain focus - The Buffalo News
Goal is to improve on breakout year.

Vanek led the Sabres in goals (32), assists (41) and points (73) this season.

Sabres, health to determine Grier's next move -The Buffalo News
No one, including Grier, knew if that Game Seven loss in Philadelphia would be the last time the veteran ever wore a uniform.

Boychuk primed for WHL final |
Emerging from a dark period, Boychuk's Winterhawks are set to offer a serious challenge to their counterparts.

Caps look for answers after sweep by Lightning -
After being swept by Tampa Bay in their fourth straight playoff disappointment, the Washington Capitals are left with more questions than answers.

Boudreau shouldn't take the fall in Washington - The Globe and Mail
Eric Duhatschek argues the Capitals coach has done a good job with young team

NHL's image redeemed by thrilling 2011 playoffs -
This year's tense, dramatic Stanley Cup playoffs have spared almost no one from a "Wait, hang on! Yessss! Noooooo!" stress test that leaves them a quivering pulp by the end.

Top 10: Unsung playoff heroes - THN
We count down the top 10 players who we don't think get the credit they deserve because of other, bigger stars on the team.

Video: Bruins fan pulls ultimate prank on Habs fan boss - Puck Daddy
To the victor goes the opportunity to rub success in the loser's face, and it was an opportunity Kelly Park wasn't going to pass up.