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Daily Links for Wednesday, May 4

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Question: Are you still avidly watching the NHL playoffs or are you (like me) finding it difficult to stay interested in hockey every single night? I'm personally feeling a bit worn out after riding the wave of Sabres excitement and coverage from February through April, and feel like I could use a vacation to recharge my hockey-watching batteries. Oh, what's that? My real job won't finance a week in Cabo for hockey blog related reasons? Dang.

Bright playoff future beckons for maturing Sabres - The Buffalo News
Larry Felser chimes in on the Sabres.

Blackhawks offer a pattern to follow - The Buffalo News
The Blackhawks were in a similar position to Buffalo before they won the Cup.

Flyers leaders setting an undisciplined example - Puck Daddy
You don't say.

Sabres led NHL in first-round TV ratings - Sabres Edge
Buffalo’s status as a hockey-watching town received another boost today.

Happy Anniversary, Shields Vs. Snow - buffalo74
Ahhh, goalie fights.

How much do special teams matter in the playoffs? - The Globe and Mail
Power play percentages across the board have been grim this postseason.

NHL referees do well to avoid ticky-tacky penalties - THN
An NHL game is better when referees use judgment instead of calling each and every penalty by the book.

Lessons Learned:  Crosby Recovery Could’ve Been Handled Better - Kukla's Korner
"So, Crosby didn’t expect to play this season. Therefore, a reasonable assumption is that Penguins’ management knew he wasn’t expected to play this season. Which makes me wonder: Why, then, heavily publicize Crosby skating around the rink?"

Battling a brain tumor, Tampa assistant an inspiration to team - Puck Daddy
As Tampa prepares for Tuesday night's Game 3 against the Washington Capitals, Fleming's fight has become a source of inspiration for the team.

Hockey Wins Two Emmys: 24/7 Penguins-Capitals, Announcer Mike Emrick Honored -
The Sports Emmy Awards were held on Monday night in New York City, and hockey came out on top in two categories.